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Our natural treasure from the deep

The Gastein thermal springs, whose water is directly feeding our Hotel in Bad Hofastein, flows from 17 different springs at the foot of the Graukogel mountain. Most of the springs can be found between 1034 and 937 m of altitude. They are constantly around 44 degrees C warm and have a constant content of the noble gas radon of about 52-66,2 nCi/l. However, Gastein thermal water has a rather low mineral content compared to the many cold springs in the Gastein Valley, like for example the world-famous Gastein mineral water.

High altitude heals

Your organism will adapt to the high altitude of the Gastein cure region. Your body will produce more red blood cells and will increase its capacity to transfer oxygen to the tissue. With appropriately selected movement therapies, you will efficiently increase your performance ability.

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Effective cure for rheumatic diseasesEffective cure for rheumatic diseases

Effective cure for rheumatic diseases

Your body will gain new vitality and strength in the Gastein healing cave (“Heilstollen”). Your muscles and tissue relaxes and receives new energy from the depths of the mountain. You will already feel the positive impact on body, soul and spirit after one introductory session!

Natural radon content:
from 44 kBq/m3 in the air of the healing cave (on average)

air temperature ranges between 37.0 to 41.5 degrees C.

Relative humidity:
from 70 to nearly 100%

Because of its high success rate, the Gastein healing cave (“Heilstollen”) is considered THE therapeutic cure in the Gastein Valley.

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