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Charming rooms that will make you feel comfortable

Heartfelt hospitality in a country home ambience has a long tradition at Hotel St. Georg, Bad Hofgastein. Thanks to stylish pieces of furniture and rustic collector’s items, the spirit of the Gastein Valley is ever present in our house. You can feel the honest originality of the people and admire genuine handicrafts that are cherished in our region as they were centuries ago.

In all the rooms of our house you can smell the magic of days gone by, interpreted in a modern way with bright and friendly colors. Enjoy this warm and comfortable atmosphere that is characterized by our patron saint St. Georg, whom you will encounter in our house in various ways. Whenever you see him, he tells you: feel at home at our place.

Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel St. Georg | A-5630 Bad Hofgastein  | Tel.: +43 (0) 6432 6100 0 | info@stgeorg.com
Over 50 years of fountain of wealth („Gesundbrunnen“)Over 50 years of fountain of wealth („Gesundbrunnen“)

Over 50 years of fountain of wealth („Gesundbrunnen“)

New beginnings for Hotel St. Georg with a unique four seasons concept under the direction of Ernst Fassolder and in association with the Johannesbad group of companies, one of the leading providers in Europe in the area of medical wellness.

A new vision: specialization on the treatment developed by Dr. F.X. Mayr, which makes St. Georg a pioneer in the field of preventive and holistic medical thought. Prominent people like Dr. Helmut Kohl and Thomas Gottschalk also like to take a cure in our warm family environment.

Hotel founder Dr. Engeljähringer discovers the curative power of the Gastein healing cave (“Heilstollen”) for his guests and starts to offer a medical treatment in the Gastein radon thermal springs.

Dr. Hermann Engeljähringer opens his first guesthouse with 19 rooms.

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